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Keys for creating quality content articles

A blog or a web page offers its content to visiting users. There is great competition on the Internet, since the same content can be found in different sources, but each source will surely show the content with a different approach and in a totally different way. Some will offer us higher quality content and another will simply be lousy content. That is why in this article we will talk about the keys to creating articles with quality content .

This article will show tips not only for bloggers, but also for people who write articles for different blogs for a living .

All articles must have three fundamental or basic elements, if any of them are missing or failed, that article becomes directly of poor quality content.

The three keys to creating articles with quality content.

The article must provide some kind of teaching, transmitting some knowledge. In other words the article has to teach or instruct.

Many times we limit ourselves to informing, to transmit only valid information but that does not get to transmit any knowledge or type of learning. This is a mistake, since the difference between informing and educating is very important. When we educate we bring new knowledge to the reader and it begins a learning phase.

Differences between knowledge transmitted through information and that transmitted through education:

  • The knowledge transmitted through information provides data or facts on very specific topics that can help us make decisions.
  • The knowledge transmitted through education provides learning or training to the reader that can be used not only to make decisions but also to achieve better results in life.

Therefore, from now on, before writing an article we should answer the following questions :

  • Is what I am writing really useful for my readers?
  • Does it provide some kind of knowledge?
  • When the reader finishes reading my article, what will he have learned?

Articles should entertain, “hook” the reader.

Our articles have to be written in a way that entertains the reader and “hooks” them to continue reading. You have to try to go to the important topics directly, without giving many detours that end up boring the readers.

A good technique to write articles that engage, is to present the articles by points or parts . At the end of a point you should always leave a phrase that motivates you to read the next point and saying why it is important to continue reading.

Don’t mess with things, be clear and concise , go to the point without making many detours. Use images according to the content, which schematize things, many times a picture is worth a thousand words.

The content of the articles should inspire and motivate the reader.

Our articles should give ideas , since they should be focused on readers being interested in the subject and that when they finish reading the article, they not only try to apply what they have learned, but also apply it well or even in a better way than in the original article.

Another good strategy to create articles with quality content is to share personal experiences , this is something very positive, which will lead our readers not to make the same mistakes.

Do not be afraid to give your personal opinion . Many times giving a personal opinion is what motivates the reader to give his opinion, to participate, to propose his point of view or his ideas.

An article that after reading it has not aroused ideas or motivation to apply what has been learned, is not a good article.

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