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Is File Explorer Android File Manager

It’s File Explorer is a good file manager for Android with great functionality. He is one of the most famous Google Play file managers and a very good alternative to Astro , which he has nothing to envy since they are similar.

In this article I will compare the advantages and disadvantages between using Astro or Es File Explorer , so it can help you make a comparison between both file managers.

It has many add-ons (also totally free) that extend the functionality of Es File Explorer and make it an all-terrain file manager.

After several tests and having found several bugs in Astro (unimportant bugs) I have decided to try this file manager and have earned the default administrator on my Smartphone. Try it and you will see that Es File Explorer will not disappoint you.

Features of Es File Explorer file manager for Android.

  • It is totally free and without advertising (remember that Astro did have advertising, so here we have another advantage of Es File Explorer).
  • Available in several languages (more than 24), including Spanish.
  • It allows you to perform the basic operations of any file manager such as cutting, copying, pasting, moving, selecting everything, inverting selection, deleting, etc. As for basic functionality, it is also far superior to Astro, although the latter may be simpler.
  • It has extra applications , such as a task manager (requires installation of a module), installed applications manager, security manager (requires installation of a module), SD card analysis and bookmark manager. How can we see this extra functional do an SUV, some require the installation of an add-on that is done easily from the Es File Explorer itself.
  • As for compression, it allows compression / decompression of files in Zip format and decompression of files in Rar format .
  • It allows you to manage files on remote servers via FTP, FTPS, SFTP and WebDAV.
  • One feature that has caught my attention is that it includes an own FTP server that we can access remotely from our PC and manage the files on the SD card. To activate this option you must have WiFi enabled on the Android device.
  • It supports the Bluetooth protocol to manage files between different devices.
  • It also offers support for handling files stored in the cloud , and in this case Es File Explorer supports several storage services such as: Dropbox,, Sugarsync, Google Drive, SkyDrive, Amazon S3, Yandex. How we can see it supports more cloud storage services than Astro.
  • It has its own image viewer, its own text editor and its own music player.

It is definitely a good file manager, I would say that better than Astro and that if you have root permissions enabled on your Android device, Es File Explorer can work as a root browser as well.

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