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Improve as a freelance copywriter

Improving as a freelance copywriter is very important to be able to sell our articles at a better price and be more competitive compared to other editors.
In previous articles we talked about working online as a freelance editor , because in this article I will give a series of tips to improve the articles and thus be able to sell them at better prices and improve profitability.

Take care of spelling.

It is the basic rule to be a good copywriter, since writing without spelling mistakes is essential when writing. It is very important to put tildes and punctuation marks such as commas, parentheses, periods, etc.

Use of fonts (bold and italic).

The use of words or phrases in bold or italic is essential and many buyers of articles will ask you. You have to use these fonts for two reasons:

  • Improve SEO : Bold the keywords of the article is usually beneficial.
  • Facilitate the reading of the article : an article with typefaces is visually more attractive and facilitates its reading.

Attractive design and spacing.

At the time of writing, the spacing between the different paragraphs, as well as the points and apart, must be taken into account. The spacing between different paragraphs facilitates the reading, so designing an article in which the text is all in a row gives a result that is not very colorful and difficult to read.

SEO for freelance copywriter.

Learning basic SEO terminology is a great help, since many times you will be asked to fill in the SEO plugin data. Generally there are three data that must be filled in: title, meta description and meta keywords.

The title does not have much difficulty writing it, but if you have to take into account when choosing the title that must be less than 70 characters.

The meta description is only a thirteen summary of the content of the article and is limited to 156 characters.

The meta keywords are still requested by the Webamasters from the editors, but currently they do not influence SEO. Even so if they request them, to fill them out it is enough to write between one and three words related to the article separating them with commas.

Express yourself clearly.

Something very important is knowing how to express yourself and being able to communicate the message of the article to the readers. Taking care of the way to express yourself so as not to make many detours or confuse the reader is also an essential part of writing articles as a freelance.

Include images in articles.

Sometimes you may be asked to add an image to the article, as it seems to improve SEO . This image has to be related to the content of the article and obviously its dimensions have to be appropriate to fit the gap available in the blog.
In this section as an extra service and if you manage well with some image editing program, you can offer watermark images in which the URL of the website would appear.

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