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How to use WhatsApp without a SIM card / number

WhatsApp is a popular news app for users. With WhatsApp you can send not just news, but also pictures, videos and followers. But you need a mobile number to create the WhatsApp account.

If you’ve bought a new phone, you may not have a SIM card yet. Therefore, you also have no mobile number to receive the activation code. So you also have a question: is it possible to use and verify WhatsApp without a SIM card?

Actually, WhatsApp does not support this feature. This means that you have to register WhatsApp with a mobile number. Then you find it impossible? No! Here we show you a special method that allows you to use WhatsApp without a SIM card. Let’s start then!

Use WhatsApp without a SIM card – this is how it works

Pay attention : Because WhatsApp team does not officially support this method, this method is just one possible solution. That does not work forever. If it does not work, you should try again the solution. Or register directly and simply with a mobile phone number the WhatsApp account.

Use WhatsApp without a SIM card

1. First, of course, download the latest version of WhatsApp. After downloading WhatsApp to the Google Play Store, you should not immediately click on “Install”. When the download is complete, you should immediately disconnect the Wi-Fi connection with your phone.

2. Now you can install the latest version of WhatsApp. After you have successfully installed WhatsApp, WhatsApp will ask for your mobile number.

3. Since you have not inserted a SIM card in your mobile phone, you should now enter your landline number instead.

Pay attention: In the area code, enter “0” first. For example, your landline number is 1234567. While entering the number, the number should be “01234567”.

4. Only confirm the entry of the landline number. There are two options of WhatsApp verification: SMS or Call. Because there is no SIM card or mobile number for your phone, you need to select “Call”.

5. In a few minutes you will be called by WhatsApp. While calling, you can get the verification code for WhatsApp.

Pay attention: Please note the confirmation code of WhatsApp. If you forget the code, you will need to get the code again by phone.

6. Once you have entered this code, your WhatsApp account will be successfully verified with the landline number. Now you can use WhatsApp without a SIM card.

Eighth : Do you have no landline number? Can you verify WhatsApp even without a landline number? Unfortunately, there is no solution to this. If you really want to register WhatsApp, you will definitely need a number. Although you’ll also find some solutions online, you’ll also need to download another app to verify WhatsApp without a mobile number.

You can not find most of these apps in the Google Play Store. This means that these apps will bring viruses or malware to your phone. To protect your WhatsApp data, we suggest that you do not download any of these apps.

Tip: Change whatsapp number

Of course, if you activate a new mobile number, you must also change the old WhatsApp number afterwards. Otherwise your WhatsApp contacts will only chat with you via the old WhatsApp number. In addition, no new contacts will be added to WhatsApp’s new SIM card.

Here we show you the instructions on how to change WhatsApp number. With just a few clicks, you can change the number from the WhatsApp account.

Change WhatsApp number

1. First open WhatsApp with the old number. Why? Before you change the new number, you should first back up your WhatsApp data. With FonePaw Android Backup & Restore, you can easily back up the WhatsApp chat history. With the backup, you can easily get back the old chat history after changing the new number.

2. After the backup insert the new SIM card into your mobile phone. Then check if the SIM card can receive calls or messages. In addition, you should make sure that the SIM card can come to the Internet.

Note : Changing your mobile number will keep the old chat history on your phone as well. But all information about your WhatsApp account, such as settings and groups, will be transferred to the new mobile number.

3. Just click on “Settings” / “Account”> “Change number”. In this window, enter the old mobile number above and the new number below. Then tap on “Done”.

4. After you have entered the old and new mobile number, WhatsApp will send you a confirmation code by SMS or call. But you should type in the confirmation code in WhatsApp to verify the new mobile number.

5. Now you can use the new mobile number with WhatsApp!

Note: Before you change the new mobile number, you should inform in advance about your new number all your friends, colleagues, families and so on. Otherwise, they will find your WhatsApp account because they will give up the old mobile number and use a new number.

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