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How to transfer contacts from SIM to mobile? – Let’s get started!

Mobile phones are needed for us today. With cell phones we can communicate with each other, like WhatsApp, Twitter, Facebook and so on. But there is one function we use every day: Call.

How many contacts do you have in the list? Will you call your friends, families or colleagues every day?

But! Maybe you can not save new contacts! Why? No free storage for new contacts in the SIM card!

Good heavens! Through an analysis, about 63% of people will save their contacts on SIM card.

Then the storage of SIM card becomes full! So we have a question: How to export or transfer contacts from SIM to mobile? It is not difficult!

Only with a few clicks you can transfer contacts from SIM to mobile!

  • Instructions: How to export contacts from SIM to mobile phone
  • Tip: Why should we export Android contacts from SIM to mobile?
  • Tips for Android Contacts Backup

Instructions: How to export contacts from SIM to mobile phone

You can transfer your contacts from SIM card to internal Android storage. Here is the guide for you:

Export contacts from SIM to mobile phone

1.Open Contacts app in your Android phone. For example, in this picture we open contacts app in Samsung Galaxy S4.

2. Then click on the icon of menu. (Usually, the icon of menu in Android phone becomes three points)

3.Press Import / Export.

4. After that, you can see these selections: Import from USB storage, Export to USB storage, Import from SD card, Export to SD card, Import from SIM card, Export to SIM card, Send business card via.

Pay attention: If you want to transfer contacts from internal storage to SIM card, just click on “Export to SIM card”. Then the steps become almost the same.

5.Press “Import from SIM card”.

6.OK! Then you can see these choices: Save contacts in: Google or Phone. Because you are now transferring contacts to internal storage, just click on “Phone”.

Attention: If you click “Google”, you can sync contacts on the Google Account.

7.Before you transfer contacts, you can preview all the contacts in the list. Then you can choose the desired contacts. But I will suggest that you choose and export all contacts.

8.Then click on “Done”.

9.Wait only a few seconds. The transfer will be finished immediately!

Tip: Why should we export Android contacts from SIM to mobile?

At the beginning, Android will usually save contacts to SIM card, like Nokia or Sony Ericsson. Because the storage of the old cell phones is very small, the contacts will save to SIM card to save the internal memory. And back then the technique of backup was not that cheap. If you bought a new phone, you could avoid the loss of contacts with SIM card. Just insert the SIM card in the new phone! Then you can keep all contacts!

Mobile SIM card

But! Nowadays the technology of backup becomes high priority. With some softwares you can easily back up and transfer Android contacts like Google Drive, FonePaw Android backup and restore.

However, the storage of SIM card is very small for contacts. The storage of SIM card is about 128 KB. And if you change a new mobile number, you can not get back the old contacts with the new SIM card.

Therefore, one should export Android contacts from SIM to mobile, because contacts are very important for us these days. Contacts are not just numbers, but information for identity.

Or you can also create Android Contacts Backup. Then you have a copy of contacts. With the copy you will not lose any more contacts.

Tips for Android Contacts Backup

Backup is an important method for data protection. For example, if your phone falls into the water, you can back up the data with backup without losing data. Or if you buy a new phone, you can use Backup to restore the old data on the new phone.

There are some methods for backing up Android contacts, like Google Drive, Cloud for different mobile phone brands and so on.

With Google Drive, you can directly backup Android contacts on your Google Account. You can find the function of Backup in “Settings”. But Google Drive has a downside: Google Drive storage is limited (15GB).

Google Drive

With cloud service for different mobile phone brands, you can also backup Android data directly. But if you use other brand, you can not enjoy the service.

Do we have any other way to enjoy greater storage for Android Backup?

Yes! Naturally! With FonePaw Android Backup and Restore , you can easily back up Android contacts to PC . With just a few clicks you can quickly secure contacts. Without a network, you can also create the backup.

Not only can you secure Android contacts, but also pictures, audio, videos, documents and so on. In addition, the new backup will not overwrite the old backup on PC. Therefore, you can choose and restore certain backup on PC!

I believe that with this article you can easily export contacts from SIM to mobile phone. If you have any questions, you can communicate with us!

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