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How to save WhatsApp profile pictures

Most people will post a photo for the WhatsApp profile. Do you want to download and save WhatsApp profile pictures from your friends? But it’s not that easy, because WhatsApp does not officially save the profile pictures. To save the WhatsApp profile pictures, you must use other methods. Then here we will show you three ways to download WhatsApp profile pictures.

  • Part 1: Download WhatsApp profile pictures (single pictures)
  • Part 2: Save WhatsApp profile pictures (multiple pictures)
  • Part 3: Download WhatsApp profile pictures (automatic saving)

Part 1: Download WhatsApp profile pictures (single pictures)

Note : WhatsApp profile pictures are stored in the folder of WhatsApp files. Then you can directly copy the WhatsApp profile pictures into the gallery.

In this method we will show you how to save only one or two WhatsApp profile pictures. Here are the steps:

  1. First, open WhatsApp. Then sign in to your WhatsApp account.
  2. Then click on a chat of your friend. In chat, tap the name of your friend in the top left corner.

    Note : There is no chat in WhatsApp? Just go to the contact list and enter the name of your friend. Now you can open the chat window. In addition, you should only press the name, instead of the profile picture.
  3. In the contact info, you can see the status of the contact. However, the media files, such as pictures or videos, are also displayed in this window.
  4. Just click on the profile picture above. After clicking the image is enlarged. Next, tap the Share icon in the upper right> “Save to Gallery”.

Note : Or you can use another file management app to save the WhatsApp profile pictures to a specific folder on your phone.

Part 2: Save WhatsApp profile pictures (multiple pictures)

Would you like to download ten or twenty WhatsApp profile pictures at the same time? Unfortunately, WhatsApp does not support the storage of multiple WhatsApp profile images. Therefore, you still need a file manager. There are so many apps for file management online. But we suggest here just one app: ES File Explorer.

  1. First, please download ES File Explorer from the Google Play Store. After you install this app, launch ES File Explorer on your phone.
  2. In the homepage you will find a folder “WhatsApp”. Then you should open this folder. Then you will see the contents of the WhatsApp folder.
  3. Then click on “Profile Pictures”. In “Profile Pictures” you will find all profile pictures of the current contacts.
  4. Just hold down one of the WhatsApp profile pictures for a long time. Then you can select the desired images in batch.
  5. Touch “Copy”. You can find this button in the app at the bottom of the screen after you have selected multiple images at the same time.
  6. Go back to the main window. Then select the folder “Gallery” in your phone. Under the folder, click “New to create a new folder, such as” WhatsApp profile pictures “and so on.
  7. Open the new folder directly and then click on “Paste”. Wait a moment. All WhatsApp profile pictures are now saved in the new folder!
  8. Then you have to restart your smartphone. Only after restarting will the images be displayed in the gallery.

NOTE : If you use another file manager, the steps will still be the same as those for ES File Explorer. Mostly you can also find the similar instructions here.

Part 3: Download WhatsApp profile pictures (automatic saving)

Want to save and download all new WhatsApp profile pictures from your friends? With the program FolderSync you can automatically save the WhatsApp profile pictures.

Make : FolderSync is now only available on Android phones. For iOS users, there is still no solution for automatically saving the WhatsApp profile images.

Download WhatsApp profile pictures

Why should you use FolderSync? FolderSync is an app for backup. If your friends change the WhatsApp profile pictures, this app will detect the change. Therefore, the new images are also automatically saved to your smartphone!

  1. Please download FolderSync from the Google Play Store. Then open the app and activate the left menu.
  2. Tap “Folder Pairs”> “Add Folder Pairs.” Then name the folder and select “SD card” in the folder because we do not need a cloud account during the process.
  3. Under “Remote Folder”, select “WhatsApp Profile Pictures Folder”. Is not there a folder yet? Then you can now create the folder. Under “Local Folder” select “Profile Pictures” in the folder “WhatsApp”.
  4. In “Type of synchronization”, select “To Remote Folder”. Then you can sync the folder every day to update the change.
  5. Would you also like to check the WhatsApp pictures at the gallery? Just restart your smartphone.

With these three methods you can very easily download and save the WhatsApp images. 

Do you have a question about WhatsApp profile pictures? Or would you like to read and check other tips about WhatsApp? Just click on this page to find WhatsApp solutions.

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