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Hire Kimsufi or Kemsirve from OVH from a reseller or reseller

When hiring a dedicated Kimsufi server (or Kemsirve in Spain) from the OVH company, a good option arises that consists in hiring the service of a reseller or reseller since they usually offer a cheaper price.

In principle, Kimsufi / Kemsirve do not have official resellers , so you have to search online for reviews and opinions of these servers. In this article I will share my experience with three resellers who gave me good service and a good price.

Resellers or resellers of Kimsufi / Kemsirve servers:


The first one was , I put it first not because it was better, but because it was the first one I tried. I have to say that everything started well but they began to have a delay in resolution of support tickets with a delay of more than 24 hours and I didn’t like that, that’s why I left the company even though the price is the lowest you can find on Kimsufi servers (or at least the lowest price I could find). But perhaps this problem in the delay of response in tickets has been solved, since two years ago that I do not have a server in that company.


The second Kimsufi reseller I tried , the price was a little higher compared to but they activated the service in just four hours and gave me control and access to the OVH administration panel very fast. The services they offer are unmanaged (we go that they only give you the server, they don’t support you when it comes to managing or configuring it). I have been with them for 6 months and the experience is good, so far I have not had problems because the Kimsufi servers are very stable.


And finally a reseller that a trusted person has told me about, but I have not tried it personally, it is , they have told me very well about them and the price is very similar to that of Eqservers, if none of the previous two convinces you because maybe this can serve you.

Finally, say that Kimsufi servers are very stable and with quality hardware , so you won’t need to open support tickets very frequently, so if your budget is low, is a good option, if you can afford to pay A little more you can try Eqservers.

If you need to know more about these servers you can visit our analysis or review of Kimsufi servers .

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