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Have several simultaneous Facebook sessions on Android

Many times we find the need to have two or more Facebook accounts running at the same time , it is what is called a multisession on Facebook . We cannot do this with the official Facebook client, since we have to leave one account and enter the other with our username and password. This can be very laborious and annoying if we have to do it regularly, so I want to present a multisession client for Facebook called Spatio .

Multisession client features for Facebook Spatio for Android.

This program allows us to perform practically all the tasks we do with the official client but with a series of advantages:

  • It does not incorporate annoying Facebook advertising, offering a clearer interface.
  • The application uses an interface with the Holo theme in two versions, one dark and one light that make it very pleasing to the eye.
  • Support for multisession. This allows us to have several Facebook accounts running at the same time.
  • Fluid and light. Spatio is much lighter than the official client, both in memory consumption and disk space.
  • It allows us to filter the news that is shown, giving the possibility to silence users so that their updates do not appear.

Disadvantages of Spatio for Android.

  • It has no integrated real-time chat system, which can be inconvenient.
  • Facebook advertising has been removed, but developers have placed their advertising, they say to keep the application free.
  • So much simplicity can be an inconvenience for Facebook fans.

Conclusions about Spatio for Android.

Depending on the needs you have on Facebook and the resources available to your Android device, Spatio can be a great option. Spatio is a good alternative when it is in the hands of a person who gives Facebook a very basic use (little more than commenting on states and “Like” ) and also has an Android smartphone with few memory and CPU resources . Otherwise, I believe that the official customer is still a better alternative just because it incorporates a real-time chat.

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