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Google Keep is a note manager

A few days ago Google Keep was born, an application to store and keep our notes and ideas organized in an easy and simple way.

Google Keep is a tool that directly rivals Evernote, the leading application to manage notes so far, which by the way, is very complete and recommended.

As a summary we could say that Google Keep is a virtual notebook in which we can store ideas, images, texts and notes that are stored in an orderly way to be able to consult in the future.

Google Keep features.

It allows you to save images, text, voice, lists and everything you can think of easily and safely.

For the storage of the data uses the well-known Google Drive and is fully integrated with it. This offers the advantage of being able to synchronize our annotations on any Android device.

Notes can be accessed from a browser using the following link: . This allows us to consult the notes from any device with an internet connection and to add new annotations.

As with all Google services, it is not necessary to sign up for Google Keep as the same Google account that we use with other applications such as Gmail and others is useful.

Google Keep can be downloaded from Google Play and is available for Android devices but with an operating system equal to or greater than version 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich). This may limit some smartphone users with a few years of life that have remained and previous versions of Android.

It has a desktop widget that allows us to see the latest annotations and even allows you to set background colors in the annotations to be able to establish importance or priority (for example the notes with red background are more urgent or important).

Intuitive and easy-to-use interface although the first few minutes are a bit confusing.

Google Keep personal opinion.

It is a great application and will compete directly with Evernote. I am sure that many users will leave Evernote, since at least on Android devices it is more convenient to manage all applications with a single Google account.

As a negative side of the application I see the usual, that our annotations and our data do not end up being subject to market research by Google (as happens in Gmail with our emails that are analyzed to show ads). Hopefully this application is not another move by Google to promote your social network Google+ and does not end up forcing users to have a profile on Google+.

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