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Google Drive for Android

The exit of the Google Drive service from cloud storage has led to many programs for Android to take full advantage of this type of storage so fashionable today. From VozIdea we will try to show you the official Google Drive application for Android and its features.

After the last update of Google Drive, features have been added that allow a better storage experience and that offers advantages when synchronizing between different devices.

Since Google has announced the news of the Google Drive API, users are allowed to create special folders that cannot be directly accessible, which is also an advantage for developers and keep their projects safe and ready for backup or synchronization.

Another notable improvement is the use of metadata, since files can be stored by adding tags that allow us advanced search, indexing, comparison and synchronization options.

Features of Google Drive for Android.

With Google Drive you can store all types of files in a single place to access from any place and device with internet connection.

It can be used to store work documents, photos, videos and files of any other type directly from your Android device.

Quickly and easily share any file stored on Google Drive with a contact.

How Google Drive merged with Google Docs allows us to create templates and documents in seconds to share and edit with collaborators. All the features of Google Docs are incorporated into Google Drive such as viewing pdf files, creating text files with tables, printing documents, viewing presentations, etc.

All of the above makes the Google Drive application for Android a fundamental tool for managing the full potential of Google Drive cloud storage. If you need to manage files remotely from several Android devices, Google Drive is one of the best alternatives.

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