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Google Currents the replacement to Google Reader

I’m going to talk about Google Currents since in a previous article I talked about the best alternatives to Google Reader but at that time I still didn’t have news from Google Currents.

Google Currents replaces Google Reader.

Google Currents is an application that offers you editions on your device so you can read them quickly. The application shows us breaking news directly from the best known sources in our language.

Google Currents features.

It allows you to save news or articles for later reference without the need for an internet connection.

It allows you to add RSS feeds from your blogs or favorite sources to be updated at all times. At the moment it allows us to directly import RSS feeds from our Google Reader account. This is the feature that interests us most because it covers at least a Google Reader functionality.

It offers a desktop id to quickly check the latest news. The widget takes up a lot of space (12 spaces on Android devices) as it shows text and photo of the news. You can browse the latest news in the widget itself by sliding the redo to move to the next news or return to the previous one.

Bring default subscriptions to various news sources such as 20minutes, ABC, etc. Personally, I’m not very interested in the subscriptions it brings by default, so I deleted them all. It offers us a multitude of categories to choose sources such as: news, science, economics, lifestyle, leisure, design, technology, etc.

It has the functionality of the Google translator to directly translate any article into the language you want.

Quite intuitive interface that allows us to navigate smoothly through the different news and channels to which we subscribe. It has a sidebar that we can access at any time to change subscription.

Conclusions about Google Currents

As we know the closure of Google Reader was no more than a strategy by Google to start using the Google+ social network, which many users are reluctant, so Google Currents is the new option and without a doubt the better (by Google) to replace Reader.

The application is great as a replacement for the current Google Reader, at least it is my current RSS feed reader on my Android device . I hope they continue to improve it over time since it is in the hands of Google itself.

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