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Google Babble, centralized messaging

A few days ago it is rumored about Google Babble , a possible instant messaging application like WhatsApp or LINE but that centralizes in this single application several services such as Gtalk, Hangouts, Google+ chat and more.

Of course, for now, Google has not confirmed or denied anything and we will have to wait a while to see if the giant Google is pronounced.

In my opinion Google Babble would be a good thing for Android users, since right now you need a different tool for each Google application with chat and having all centralized in one is a good idea.

Possible captures have been published on certain websites but the few hours have been confirmed to be false since Google has not yet confirmed anything, the only thing that has been confirmed is the appearance of Google Keep .

Google Babble threatens WhatsApp

Many believe that if Google creates this application it will be the end of WhatsApp but I do not believe it, since Google will create this application with the intention of forcing users to join their social network Google+. Personally, Google’s apps and services seem excellent to me (Chrome, Analitycs, Google Docs, etc.) but their constant effort to move users to Google+ seems to me that it’s not going to end well.

I am not a supporter of social networks, among other things because you lose anonymity instantly and with your data you facilitate market research and others, so if Google Babble requires the use of Google+ I think I will not use it. As an example we have Gmail, which based on the emails you receive shows you one type or another of ads, this seems to violate the privacy of people and if Google continues with that strategy I doubt that it will get users faithful to the Google+ social network, today by today quite poor in terms of users if we compare it with Facebook.

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