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Good plugins to backup WordPress

I’m going to talk about two good plugins to backup WordPress . When I talk about backup I mean both database and files.

On the official WordPress plugins page there are several plugins but few fit my current needs, only two seem advisable.

The plugins I am going to talk about are WordPress Backup to Dropbox and Duplicator , two quite good backup solutions for WordPress.

Analysis of the WordPress Backup to Dropbox backup plugin.

How the name indicates the backup sends it to a Dropbox account to store the backup in the cloud securely. It makes both database and file backup.

It allows us to select the frequency with which we want to make the backup and also the folders that we want to include when making the file backup.

The only drawback I see is that uploading the files one by one to the Dropbox account, so if we have 500 images in our gallery it will take a long time to complete the process. Luckily, every time you backup, do not resubmit all files to the DropBox account but only those that have been modified or new files.

How negative note is also the payment character that this plugin has taken to obtain extra functionality, such as compressing the database backup file before sending it to Dropbox, but hey, you could say that without these premium or paid features The plugin does its job quite well.

To say that there is a similar plugin but that the backup to Google Drive goes up, this one I have not tried but it seems quite good and if it uploads the backup files compressed in zip. The plugin is called Google Drive for WordPress and is free.

Duplicator backup plugin analysis.

It is a free WordPress backup plugin. In my opinion, I find this plugin very suitable for migrating from one host to another, since I made a clone of our WordPress blog generating a package and an installer. For this, it generates two files, one called and another installer.php .

Once the package is completed, we just have to upload it to our host and run the installer installer.php and the restoration process of our blog will begin.

The negative notes of this plugin are that it does not allow saving backups in the cloud (such as Dropbox) and does not support WordPress Multiuser.

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