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Gmail for Android allows you to attach or download files of any kind

A few days ago the Gmail application for Android has been updated with the novelty that now it finally lets you download and attach any type of file including ZIP files and PDFs.

Some time ago we had to use third-party applications to add or download attachments in Gmail from Android since the application itself did not allow it, it was restricted to download or attach images or videos, but this has finally been fixed.

Description of the new options of the Gmail application for Android.

This update occurs just after the Gmail itself that we use from a browser on our desktop was updated and incorporated the functionality of displaying the images of the emails . Before we had to click on the option to show us the images and it could be a tedious task if we receive many emails with images.

To attach the file, now the application shows us a new option in the menu with the name “Attach file” that allows us to select files of any extension (maybe there are some restricted but I have tried all that I allowed). If we are in Android version 4.3 or higher, it also allows us to attach several files at once.

Another update that has undergone the functionality of Gmail is the possibility of marking the contacts as favorites by activating the star as it is done with the favorite messages but applied to our contacts. It is an interesting option that will help us stand out and have the most important emails located.

It seems that Google finally takes the right path and listens to users because this was a functionality that the application was crying out because it makes no sense to restrict the download of PDF files. I have tried to send several types of files with different extensions and sent them correctly.

Final conclusion.

Google made the excuse that this restriction was for security reasons, to avoid accidentally downloading and executing malicious files on our Android device, but this excessive restriction was out of place. This latest update also improves memory consumption for better operation on devices with fewer resources . In short, the Gmail application for Android has started in 2014.

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