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Get latest news from web pages with Android

A few days ago the need arose to be aware of the latest news through online press, and the first idea was to look for some applications for newspapers such as El PaĆ­s, Marca and many more. From all this, a better and more flexible option emerged, which consists of using the RSS system present in the vast majority of websites, blogs and forums on my Android device .

What do we need to synchronize the news on our Android device?

To synchronize the RSS of the different websites, the best option I found was to use Google Reader (works with your usual Google account) and use the gReader application on my Android device, obtaining an excellent result.

With this method we can obtain the latest news, articles and publications from any web page provided you have RSS (nowadays almost all websites have RSS).

Way of use

The way of use is very simple, you just have to access the Google Reader account with the username and password of your Google account. Once inside we add the RSS links of the websites that interest us (for example ), then install gReader (available on Google Play) and log in to it with our Google account.

With these simple steps we have everything ready to start receiving news on our mobile device. The gReader application has a multitude of options that I will not stop to detail because its configuration is quite simple and intuitive.

The gReader program is completely free although it has a paid version (gReader Pro) that offers us the possibility of adding widgets that show us the latest news received, it is the only important limitation I saw.

Before finishing this article, we advise you to add only the necessary websites, because I made the mistake of adding many and I saw that in a few hours I had more than 500 news articles to add.

I hope you liked this method of being up to date without having to visit all the websites.

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