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Get a lifetime license for WhatsApp

In this article we will show a method to obtain a lifetime license for WhatsApp , that is, buying the application and that the license does not have to be renewed every year.

In a previous article on WhatsApp we talked about the company starting to charge an annual license for the use of WhatsApp on Android, which can be a problem for some users.

How to get a WhatsApp license for life?

Actually this license model only exists for iPhone users, which is quite unfair, since using another operating system such as Android that is open source does not give us the same advantages as users of an iPphone.

The trick to get the lifetime license for WhatsApp is to use an iPhone of a friend and buy the WhatsApp in the AppleStore store from the iPhone. Keep in mind that your company’s card must be associated with your phone number on the iPhone and then make the WhatsApp purchase.

It is important that the card of our Android phone is inserted into the iPhone because when the license is purchased, it is associated with our phone number. For this reason, the application associates our phone number with an iPhone and gives us a lifetime license for WhatsApp.

Then we only have to use WhatsApp from our Android phone as usual and we can see that the license is for life .

Where do I see when my license expires?

To see when our WhatsApp license expires , we enter the application from our Android phone and press the options button to bring up the “Settings” menu and then “Account Info” and finally “Payment Information” . In the window that appears we should show the expiration date of the service.

Alternative to the renewal of the WhatsApp license for life.

As WhatsApp does not want to lose its users by charging the application, what it does is that after a few days after the license has expired it activates it again for a year totally free. This is another way to get a free WhatsApp license.

Another alternative is to move to another messaging system , specifically LINE is hitting very hard among users and there are even television promotion campaigns.

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