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Free movie theme for WordPress

Today we publish the first version of our free movie theme for WordPress , so you can try it and give your opinion. The theme of free movies is in active development, so you can send suggestions or notify about bugs or problems that you encounter and we will solve them as soon as possible.


Features of the free movie theme for WordPress from

We have developed the theme with SEO in mind, so that it is friendly to Google and the pages are indexed correctly. We have also tried to make the theme as light and fast as possible for a better browsing experience.

Another premise has been simplicity and ease of use, so that users can navigate intuitively.


The theme has a menu at the top anchored so that it is always visible.


The theme includes a generic but easily modifiable logo, we have even included a phtosohop PSD file with the design so you can easily rename the web.


The theme has two sidebars. A vertical sidebar on the left side, which we understand will be reserved for categories, labels, latest articles, etc …
And it has a horizontal sidebar on the footer that we know is good to reserve it for the archives of articles, social networks, contact, terms of service, privacy policy, etc …


We have used the WP-PageNavi plugin for pagination because we understand that it is the most complete and offers the best results. We have included our own CSS code for the design of the pagination and in the instructions for use section we will tell you how to activate.

Thumbnails (thumbnail images) automatic with the Timthumb script.

We wanted to use the Timthumb script because it seems more flexible and configurable when creating thumbnails (thumbnails). To place the thumbnail you just have to assign a prominent image (fatured image) to the article.

Additional CSS codes for entries

The theme is focused on movies, so we have included an additional CSS code for the HTML fieldset tag, which we can use to place movie data. In the instructions for use section you will find more information.

Instructions for use


The installation is very simple, unzip the zip file in the / wp-content / themes folder of WordPress and then activate it through the administrator panel. After we give write permissions (777) to the /wp-content/themes/TechnoWikispelis/cache folder, this folder contains the cache of the thumbnails created by the Timthumb script.

Additional Plugins

It is necessary to install the WP-PageNavi plugin and once activated we access the plugin options to deactivate the “Use pagenavi-css.css” box and thus use the CSS that we have included in the template style.css file
It is very highly recommended (although not essential), to install an SEO plugin, I personally prefer the “WordPress SEO by Yoast” plugin , but it is a matter of taste.

Use of extra CSS codes

We have included extra CSS code for the use of the HTML fieldset tag in the movie’s technical sheet for example. Its use is very easy, using the WordPress article editor in text mode we put the following code:

 <fieldset><legend>Ficha Técnica:</legend> <p style="text-align: center;"><strong>Titulo original:</strong> Pelicula Uno <strong>Titulo español:</strong> Pelicula Uno <strong>Director:</strong> Roland Emmerich <strong>Reparto:</strong> Jason Clarke, Channing Tatum, Maggie Gyllenhaal, Jamie Foxx <strong>Idioma:</strong> Español Latino <strong>País:</strong> Estados Unidos <strong>Año:</strong> 2013 <strong>Género:</strong> Acción / Drama / Thriller <strong>Tamaño:</strong> 1.37GB aprox. <strong>Vídeo:</strong> AVI | 720x304 | BRRip <strong>Audio:</strong> Dolby AC-3 (5.1 canales)</p></fieldset> 

And it would be as in the following image:

Plans for future releases and known issues:

The theme is in development and we will solve all the bugs that you report to us . Even so, we show you some of our ideas that are part of our development plan for future versions:

  • Add CSS to the calendar widget style. We have not added it in this first version because it is a widget that has fallen into disuse.
  • Add support for comments. It is something that we have considered but as users prefer the use of Discuss type comment systems or similar, in this first version we have not supported comments to see what our users tell us and which system they prefer.
  • Improve responsive design for mobile phones and tablets.
  • Add more CSS codes to make the entries more colorful (for example a table for download links).
  • Group the CSS images and do a sprite to improve loading time.

Free movie theme for WordPress v1.6beta

This is the first official version without bugs, so I delete all previous versions and from now on this will be the starting point, so I recommend updating to this version. The novelties are:

  • The bug of the comments has been solved and you have available a guide of how to add the comments disqus to WordPress .
  • In addition, CSS improvements have been made.
  • Now the template uses the Open Sans font.
  • The timthumb.php script has been updated to the latest version.
  • Jquery has been updated to the latest version.

Download v1.6beta: TechnoWikispelis_1.6beta

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