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Download Kaspersky Free, the free antivirus version

A few days ago the news came that the Kaspersky company launched a free version of its famous antivirus for Windows, which they have called Kaspersky Free . We have been using it for a few days and we can already write a small analysis of how this free antivirus behaves and if it is worth installing.

So far I have always managed without an antivirus, I only use VirusTotal in certain files, which for me is the best online antivirus we have available. The truth, that some time ago I had already tried the trial version of Kaspersky antivirus and it left me feeling good, in fact it is considered by many to be one of the best antivirus .

The Kaspersky company has always stood out for fighting tirelessly against Internet threats, from Trojans, viruses, malware to recent ransomware attacks. It only has a bad image in the United States, but not due to technical aspects, but it is a fact motivated by the usual political conflicts between Russia (country of origin of the Kaspersky company) and the United States.

Download Kaspersky Free, the free version of the antivirus will not disappoint you.

For the impatient we will tell you that you can download Kaspersky Free , since we have found a lightweight and effective antivirus . You can download it from the official website by accessing this link .

At the moment it is in English, since its launch has begun in the United States, but it will soon arrive in Europe and we imagine that it will do so with the possibility of selecting the Spanish language. Even so, the program can be downloaded and installed that works without any problem.

I anticipate that after installing it, the program shows that the license will be active for 365 days , so I intuit that after this one-year period will surely ask us to buy the full version.

Kaspersky Free installation process.

I want to stop in the installation process, because that is where we find all the “darkest” aspects of the free programs. For example, after starting the installer we see that an additional 150MB is downloaded, so an internet connection is required to install Kaspersky Free .

When you finish downloading the data, a screen is displayed where we suggest you participate in Kaspersky Security Network . Since I didn’t know what it was, I left this option unchecked. In reality Kaspersky Security Network is nothing more than a system of reputation of files and resources that allows to identify new threats in a faster way . Personally, I do not need to activate this option, since it will give us little for the use we can use as a free antivirus.

The installation process continues and will show a screen where it appears that it asks us to register on the “My Kaspersky” portal with an email address and username, but in reality it is not necessary .

We just have to press the arrow-shaped button to the left and we will return to the main screen. In my case I had to press this button twice to take me to the main screen , I do not know if it is a bug or if they have done it on purpose so that it seems that it is mandatory to register in «My Kaspersky» .

In addition, additional software will be installed during the installation process, specifically the Kaspersky Secure Connection program . This program is a VPN service that provides us with a test mode with 200MB of traffic.

If we are not interested in Kaspersky Secure Connection, we can uninstall it from the Windows control panel.

Using antivirus, first impressions and features.

After a couple of days of use there is something that is undeniable, Kaspersky Free is a lightweight antivirus . Even while the program was performing an analysis, the RAM consumption did not exceed 60MB.

The impact on system performance will depend on the level of security we configure. It allows us to choose between three levels of security, the higher the level of protection, the more resources it will require.

The protection systems offered in this free version are:

  • File Antivirus
  • Web Antivirus
  • Instant messaging program antivirus.
  • Email antivirus.

This is a point that I have never understood, not even in paid antivirus and personally I am only interested in file antivirus , so the rest is always deactivated. If I download a file from the internet, if I receive a file via Skype or if I download an attachment from an email, I can always scan it with the file antivirus, I don’t need the other active modules consuming resources.

When using browsers, I found that after installing the antivirus, in FireFox I was constantly showing certificate errors, but it is solved by restarting FireFox. After the restart, my surprise was that the installation of a Kaspersky plug-in is requested, I don’t know what its function is since I rejected its installation.


I installed Kaspersky Free on my computer just to be able to analyze it and write this article, but it will finally stay with me during the year that the free license lasts. I was surprised at how light it is and that it works perfectly as a basic file antivirus.

I do not see that it shows intrusive advertising and has advanced configuration options, despite being free. We will have to see how it evolves and if they do not spoil it with an update, but at the moment Kaspersky Free is one of the best free antivirus for Windows .

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