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Design or quality content

The time has come to talk about the design of our blog and how important this is to succeed and attract readers. In these last days we discussed in an article how to create quality content , this could lead to some user asking the following question: what is more important the design or the content? . The answer to this question can be deduced after reading the following article, but for the impatient the answer is that both are equally important.
Here begins the battle design vs. quality content .

An attractive design is important.

The design of the website will be the first thing the user evaluates on the first visit, so it is essential that the design be visually appealing.

Our design has to seduce the visitor . Offering a professional design with an attractive look that encourages you to examine the contents of the page is essential when it comes to seducing visitors.

Using a well contrasted and thoughtful color palette is another key to make the design more pleasant for the visitor. When choosing the color palette you have to choose the correct colors, especially for texts, since being able to easily read the text is very important. Another important factor when it comes to making our articles easier to read is choosing an appropriate font size.

The search for content.

Once the user has visualized the blog, if our design has seduced it, the search for content will begin, which should be a very intuitive task and that should be provided to the user as much as possible.

Navigating the user interface offered by our design has to be something very simple, intuitive and does not need many mouse clicks.

The information we show on the screen has to be adequate, since an excess of information can lead to disorder or the difficulty of finding what we are looking for .

Ordering the contents properly is essential, for example keeping the main contents separate from the secondary ones is very important.

Do not abuse advertising and also try to integrate it into our website. Filling our design with animated banners and other advertising can make our design look bad and the user decides to leave. On the other hand, integrating advertising using the colors of our website, allows it to integrate better and be more discreet to the visitor’s eye.

Social network pages such as Facebook or Google+ use simple designs that are not too flashy, but intuitive for users. These designs are simple but at the same time keep great functionality and ease of use.

Which is more important the design or the content?

This is the big question that every webmaster ends up asking himself and the answer is not easy to explain, but we could say that there has to be a balance between design and content. A good design needs quality content and quality content needs a good design, they are things that go hand in hand and one cannot live without the other.

Many will think that the content is more important, since if we have a unique and very exclusive content, the user will have to choose us even though we have a bad or mediocre design, but this type of content so exclusive does not abound and is almost non-existent with the competition that exists today.

For all the above, in my opinion, neither is more important than the other, but both complement each other in equal measure, that is, design and content are equally important .

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