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Critical update of Adobe Flash Player

A few hours ago Adobe announced a critical update of Flash Player due to a bug that could allow remote access to our system .

Mac and Windows users with a version equal to or less than should update immediately. The bug is rated by Adobe itself as priority 1, which means critical security update and must be updated immediately.

Critical security bug in Adobe Flash Player

To know what version of Adobe Flash player we have installed we can access the page and it will show us what version we have installed in our system.

If it turns out that we have a vulnerable version (equal to or less than we must update Flash Player through the following link

The bug seems to have been reported from the Kaspersky Labs company and is a clear example of how Linux offers greater security guarantees than Windows, because in this case the bug also affects the version of Flash Player for Linux but does not have the same impact So Adobe qualifies it with priority 3 on Linux systems.

The full Adobe report on the bug can be found at the following link:

I thought it was important news to ensure our systems and not happen unexpected. If you have a vulnerable version of Adobe Flash Player you know, update!

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