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Clean out obsolete WordPress files

WordPress users have gone through several updates and there are always remains or obsolete files that are no longer useful. In this article we will show how to clean out obsolete files from our WordPress .

Many of you will ask yourself to do this cleaning, because the reason is very simple, with this maintenance task in addition to keeping the WordPress structure cleaner we protect ourselves against possible hacker attacks that use these obsolete files to access our server.

Methods to clean obsolete files in WordPress.

Resubmitting the WordPress core files to the server.

In this method what we do is:

  1. Download WordPress files from the official WordPress page (the zip or tar file).
  2. In the installation of WordPress of our server we delete the carpets wp-admin , wp-includes and all the files of the root folder except wp-config.php , .htaccess and the files that you have uploaded at your will.
  3. From the file we downloaded in step one, after unzipping the file, we upload all the files except the wp-content folder.

When using this method take into account possible files that we have uploaded that are not part of WordPress and that we may have placed in a folder of those deleted in step two.

Using a plugin to clean outdated files.

WordPress has the Old Core Files plugin that makes it easy for us to eliminate obsolete files. The use of the plugin is very simple, you just have to install it and activate it. Then in the tools menu of the control panel we find the Old Core Files tool that when accessing will show us all the obsolete files that can be deleted.

Once the plugin detects obsolete files we can remove them by FTP or using our control panel or file manager.

If the plugin does not find obsolete files in our WordPress installation, it will show us a list of all the files in our blog.

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