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Chrome for Android the default browser

Google Chrome for Android had a long stage in beta phase in which it did not stand out conclusively over the rest of the browsers for Android. Among other things Android offers a serial browser that is quite good but lacks the functionality of Chrome.

In the last update of my smartphone Chrome has become a pre-installed application by default since it is no longer in beta. The personal bet of the editors of Vozidea is that Chorme will end up replacing the default Android browser . This is deduced that while Chrome continues to receive updates frequently, Android’s default browser has no apparent maintenance and seems to only be updated when a new version of the Android operating system is published.

After a few days testing Chrome for Android we can do a functionality and performance analysis and we can say that it is a great browser.

Advantages of Chrome for Android.

As its PC version maintains a very fast web page load , as long as data transfer speed allows, but the web rendering is virtually instantaneous.

It highlights its very comfortable eyelash system to go from one tab to another with ease.

The response times to zoom and interact with the websites is quite good and the transitions are smooth.
It allows you to synchronize the omnibox data of your Chrome browser on PC to have them on the Android device and be able to synchronize for example the favorites.

A feature that has caught my attention is the tab to navigate in incognito mode that allows us to navigate normally as we would from another Chrome tab, but we will not leave a trace of cookies, temporary files or history of URLs visited on our Android device . Do not confuse this option with hiding our IP when browsing since it has nothing to do.

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