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Choose CPU and port speed in VPS

In previous articles we discussed how to choose RAM and how to choose hard disk in VPS servers, so it is the turn of how to choose the CPU and the speed of the port in VPS server.

How to choose the CPU in VPS server?

The CPU they can offer us can vary from one company to another, they can offer us a single CPU or they can offer us several CPUs or a CPU with several cores.

When choosing a CPU, keep in mind that the VPS will have an operating system , so you will have to meet the minimum requirements for it to work. Of course you also have to take into account the tasks that are going to be developed in the VPS , since if programs are used that a constant use of the CPU will have to be done with a fairly powerful one.

When choosing the CPU you have to read carefully if they are dedicated resources for exclusive use of our VPS or without being shared resources with more VPS. Some companies guarantee a minimum CPU power, but most say nothing. Opening a support ticket to obtain this information before buying a VPS is highly recommended. In the ticket you can ask if they guarantee a minimum CPU power. If it is a VPS in the cloud (VPS cloud) it should offer better performance and greater guarantees against hardware failures.

How to choose the speed of the port on VPS server?

In this aspect, what must be clear is whether the same port is shared by several VPS or if it is dedicated .

Generally, since it is VPS, the port is usually shared, although some companies guarantee a minimum connection speed.

With the speed of the port they can tell us that the VPS is a 100Mbps port, but that guaranteed they are only 20Mbps. This means that the company guarantees us a speed of 20Mbps and we can reach higher speeds if there is bandwidth available in the 100Mbps of the port, but we should not have more speed than we are guaranteed.


This feature is very important and you have to read the conditions of the contract well so that there are no surprises. We will need more or less bandwidth, depending on the transfer needs. If we have a website with few visits, we will need a few gigabytes of transfer, but if a video stream website works in our VPS, it will need much more bandwidth.

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