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CCleaner: clean your hard drive

I have decided to write an article about CCleaner since it is an application that I use very often and that I find really useful, especially the “ Cleaner ”.

Those who do not know this tool I encourage you to try it, it is free and it is really good, so I dedicate an article to the program, so try it, it will not disappoint you.

What is CCleaner for?

CCleaner can be defined as a cleaning and optimization tool for the operating system . In general, it provides us with 3 functions: cleaning the hard disk, cleaning the registry and various tools (for uninstalling programs, setting up windows startup, configuring context menus, configuring scheduled tasks, deleting drives, restoring system recovery points) .

Hard disk cleaning with CCleaner.

It is the part that I personally use most of this program because I browse many websites, use several browsers, install and uninstall programs very often and perform many tasks that leave junk or temporary files that are of no use and in the long run they can reach Consume a considerable amount of hard disk space and even decrease its performance. With this “Cleaner” we can get rid of all these useless files with two clicks, first analyze the system to search for the files and then inform us about everything that will be removed and the space that will be released on our hard drive.

Because I browse a lot, the program has released me more than 2000 files from the browser cache and more than 2GB in temporary files of programs and applications.
Today I have a habit of passing the CCleaner Cleaner every month, to keep the system clean.

Registry cleaning with CCleaner.

This section of CCleaner more than a cleaning what it does is to solve small problems of the Windows registry such as missing dll files, invalid file extensions, old keys of the start menu, etc …

The record I do not usually touch it, but I imagine it would not hurt. I must also say that in my case the analysis of the registry of my operating system does not return many problems to request.

CCleaner tools.

This section allows us several interesting and quite useful things:

  • Uninstall programs as we do from the Windows control panel.
  • Examine the programs that start with Windows and activate or deactivate them. Examine the programs that start when you run Internet Explorer and enable / disable them of your choice. Examine the scheduled tasks of our operating system, which is an interesting option because it allowed me to disable Chrome’s GoogleUpdater. Examine the programs that appear in certain files in the context menu (by right clicking on the file).
  • Restore system control points.
  • Delete disk drives.

As we can see it is a very complete and effective tool, so I recommend its use to keep the operating system clean.

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