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Best Super Nintendo games

The best Super Nintendo games is really not a list that can be done like that without more, but as always there are tastes and it is something very personal. I have tried to select the most representative games of different types (fight, RPG, adventures, platforms, races, etc.) so that the list pleases as many people as possible. Anyway, whether or not they are the best games for Super Nintendo, there is no doubt that each and every one of the titles are great titles and that every console lover should play.

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Although the list has an order I must clarify that the one that for me may be in first position, for another person may be in fourth position, so do not take it into account, remember that it is a matter of taste. It would also be helpful to comment on other titles that you liked.

List with the best Super Nintendo games (SNES)

Zelda: A Link to the Past

It is the only Zelda available for Super Nintendo and the third in the series, the previous two were for Nintendo. The game is from the year 1991 and can be qualified within the classic RPGs. This game is considered by many to be a masterpiece for its playability and great history. It should also be noted that in his day his graphics were the best we had available. Today, comparing it with the graphics of current games, there is no possible comparison, but if we compare it with games of its time, the graphic section is outstanding. The game will tell us the story to rescue Princess Zelda.

Super Mario World

Platform game created in 1990 for Super Nintendo. It is a super addictive title that will have you hooked in front of the screen hours and hours. It is one of the many Marios available for Super Nintendo but this one stands out for its great playability. As always we will have Mario as the main character helped by his inseparable companion Luigi and his dinosaur Yoshi. Personally, it was the platform game that gave me more hours of entertainment along with Mega Man X. Essential game for platform lovers.

Super metroid

Game created in 1994 and is the third in the saga that saw the light for Super Nintendo. It is a game that can be classified as 2D platforms and adventures. The Metroid saga continues today and this game can be described as a jewel that all lovers of the saga should play. In this installment new weapons and artifacts are introduced such as an X-ray viewer or a hook. The atmosphere of the game accompanied by outstanding sound effects make this title an essential SNES.

Donkey Kong Country

Exceptional game that appeared in 1995 for SNES. Together with Super Mario World it will delight lovers of platform video games. This title was a revolution for its graphics rendered in 3D and older I can say that the special effects are exceptional. It has never been so fun to collect bananas with this charismatic chimpanzee Donkey Kong and his inseparable friend Diddi Kong. Simply forced to play it, it won’t let you down.

Street Fighter II

A celebrity within the fighting games and one of the drivers of the genre. It came to light in 1992 from the Capcom company for the SNES platform. This game was one of the most played in the arcades, what times those in which with 25 pesetas you had some fights of scandal with colleagues. This game has even reached the big screen and its fame requires it. No doubt you have to fight with this game to remember old sensations.

Super Mario Kart

The classic racing series Mario and the first in the series. This great racing game appeared in 1992 for our Super Nintendo. Without a doubt one of the funniest multiplayer games I’ve ever played. We could choose between several corridors, each with certain characteristics. I personally liked “the mushroom”, we are the one who has been Toad for his good handling. We had different circuits with shortcuts and traps in which the first position was fought. We have several items that will offer us advantages over our competitors and that will help us achieve victory. No doubt a game that we should not ignore.

Super Castlevania IV

It appeared at the hands of Konami in 1991 and was the first in the saga for the Super Nintendo platform. The main character was Simon Belmont whose mission was to defeat Dracula and his lackeys. The game offered us 12 levels full of dangers that we had to overcome with a final boss in each phase. In the end we would face Dracula face to face. The game is described as a masterpiece and I totally agree with it.


Extreme speed racing game that appeared for Super Nintendo in 1990. It was the first installment of the saga, where we were driving futuristic vehicles without wheels. The game was a great innovation for using the well-known mode 7 developed by Nintendo. It is a game that can not be missing in any collection of classics.

Mega Man X

Mega man X appeared by Capcom in 1993. Very addictive platform game with outstanding special effects as well as music and the graphic section. In this installment we have a vast arsenal to defeat the final 8 bosses. As we move forward our Megaman will evolve and learn new skills. For me Capcom in this game has a graphic section of ten, with very detailed scenarios and a variety of enemies.

Killer Instinct

Fighting game that came from the hand of Rare in 1995. We moved to several scenarios where we would face our opponents one by one until we reached the final boss Eyedol. The game stood out for its exceptional system of combos and movements. The Killer Instinc universe was a classic and today, as many of you will know, it has its current version for XBOX ONE.

Finally, I leave you 5 games more than for not extending the descriptions I will only name, but they are exceptional titles that could be part of our main list of best Super Nintendo games without problems:

  • Final Fantasy VI (RPG)
  • Super Ghouls’n Ghosts (Platforms)
  • Chrono Trigger (RPG)
  • Terranigma (RPG)
  • Yoshi?s Island (Platforms)

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