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Best Super Nintendo emulators for PC

The best Super Nintendo emulators for PC we have tested, we analyze them in the following article. Super Nintendo, also known as Super Famicom (in Japan, where it was launched) is a 16bit video game console that marked history and has a large catalog of games that stands out both for its size and quality.

Analysis of the best Super Nintendo emulators for PC.

If you’ve ever wanted to remember those old fun moments in front of your TV screen with Super Mario World or another game, this is the perfect occasion. But the first thing is to select a good SNES emulator for our PC and in the article I show a list with the best available and free emulators. The only drawback is that none of the emulators is in the Spanish language, but with very basic English the games start without problem.


Higan (formerly known as Bsnes) is a multi-system emulator that supports Famicom, Super Famicom (Super Nintendo), Game Boy, Game Boy Color, Game Boy Advance and Nintendo DS. It also supports the Super Game Boy, BS-X Satellaview and Sufami Turbo subsystems.

Higan is the most recent emulator that supports Super Nintendo and is still in development today . This makes it one of the most advanced emulators and in which the entire SuperNintendo games catalog works. It is also able to emulate also the small sisters of the SNES (NES, Game Boy, etc), so if you are looking for an emulator for these platforms, Higan will serve you perfectly.

As a negative note of the emulator is that it needs enough resources since it is not a lightweight emulator . Still it offers us three executables: balanced, performance and accuracy. Each executable is optimized for:

  • Better performance sacrificing accuracy in emulation (performance) .
  • Greater accuracy in emulation by consuming more resources (accuracy) .
  • A balanced version that aims to achieve the best emulation by consuming the least possible resources (balanced) .

The recommended requirements for a good operation of the emulator are:

  • Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo or AMD Phenom Processor.
  • Graphics card with support for Direct 3D 9.0 or OpenGL 2.0.
  • The Linux version requires a graphics card with support for OpenGL or X-Video.

Higan is multiplatform and has specific versions for 32 and 64 bit systems , so we can use it both under Windows, Mac OS X or Linux, always making the most of our processor.

A curiosity that I found was when loading the roms, since my entire collection of Super Nintendo roms have smc extension and it seems that the emulator uses roms with sfc format, so you have to use the option “Library – Import Game ” to load the roms with smc extension.

It supports shaders , by default it brings activated the shader Blur that greatly reduces the pixelation and offers a good graphics quality.

In my opinion it is the best Super Nintendo emulator available for PC , as long as we have a team that meets the recommended requirements.

Latest Version: 0.98
Date of latest version: April 4, 2016
Official page:


A good alternative, a classic emulator similar to Zsnes, although with a more current code that has received some updates. In the past he was the competitor of Zsnes within the Super Nintendo emulator scene.

You need to have DirectX installed and updated but it fails to execute that the file d3dx9_38.dll is d3dx9_38.dll . If SNES9x gives you this error from the d3dx9_38.dll library, you have to update DirectX by accessing the following Microsoft website and download the DirectX updater .

It needs less resources than Higan so if you have a PC with few resources this emulator may be the most appropriate choice. The download is available for Windows, Linux and Mac OS X in its official version and is free. As the author provides the source code, versions of SNES9x have appeared for Playstation, Xbox, Android, etc …

It supports shaders and you can even load the ones in the “Video Shaders” folder of the Higan emulator.

In my opinion this is the best emulator for teams with few resources or also in case Higan fails or gives us problems in a specific rom we can give SNES9x a chance.

Latest Version: 1.53
Date of last version: April / 2011
Official page:


The classic emulator par excellence, one of the pioneers and the most famous among the different Super Nintendo emulators in the past. Currently it does not follow its development, so it is a stagnant project. As for the quality of the emulation it is quite good but the code is full of hacks to make some games playable and even so some roms still give problems, but the vast majority of the catalog is playable.

In my opinion it is a good Super Nintendo emulator, but it has become outdated and any of the two previous Super Nintendo emulator alternatives is better. Still it is worth having it close in case we want to try it on a team with very few resources.

Latest Version: 1.51
Date of latest version: January 24, 2007
Official page:

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