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Best SEGA Megadrive PC emulators

Review and analysis of the best current emulators of SEGA Megadrive / Genesis for PC . In this article we will talk about the different emulators available for this classic game console with a good catalog of games and that offers us hours and hours of fun.

Another reason for this article is that there are many emulators, but the vast majority have been discontinued or their development was not total, so I found it useful to collect the best SEGA Megadrive / Genesis emulators of 2013 .

Within this large number of emulators many of them are extensions or improvements of some emulator that released its source code, without these people who released their source code today we would not have so much variety of emulators even for operating systems as recent as Android or emulators for the Xbox, etc.

The emulation of most games is almost perfect and comparable to the original hardware although there is a small percentage that can give errors, in those cases I recommend trying several emulators to see which one gives us better results.

A few months ago I went to Widnows 7 of 64bit and I had problems when configuring the controls with the keyboard (I was not allowed to configure the keys in Kega Fusion and Gens). This is solved by running the emulator as administrator.


It is the emulator that initiated the revolution, it is perhaps the most famous and on which many other emulators are based. I use it frequently since in it I have several games saved and it doesn’t give me major problems, the games work correctly. It offers several image filters, possibility to save and load games, supports controls and joysticks and older is also able to emulate Sega-CD / Mega-CD / 32X games. It requires having DirectX 7.0 or higher installed, which today is not a problem since a higher version is installed by default in most Windows operating systems.

Latest Version : 2.14
Date of latest version : May 20, 2006
Official page :

Kega Fusion

Emulator very good, for some the best MegaDrive emulator. It is really fast. Supports Sega-CD / Mega-CD / 32X / Master System / Game Gear emulation. Like Gens you need to have DirectX 7.0 or higher installed. It supports a multitude of image filters with different percentages of scalines. It also supports plugins to filter the image that can be downloaded from its official page (they are at the bottom of the page) and add 14 image filters, the one I like the most is the 2xSaI filter since it leaves the image clean and without visible pixels.

Latest Version : 3.64
Date of latest version : March 7, 2010
Official page :

Gens +

An emulator based on the Gens source code and stability improvements and optimizations have been introduced. The interface is very similar to Gens and the functionality is almost the same. It is an alternative if the original Gens gives you problems and you want to use Gens for some strange reason.

Latest Version: 3.64
Date of latest version: July 11, 2002
Official page: Not available, the emulator can be downloaded from!


It is based on the Gens emulator but has received many updates and code optimizations. If you want to use the Gens emulator, this is the version that I recommend most since it has been updated and optimized.

Latest version : Gens32 Surreal v1.86 HD
Date of last version : 6 / October / 2010
Official page :


One of the few emulators currently under development and I think the only one that offers an optimized version for 64-bit systems to emulate Megadrive . After trying it I can say that I was surprised, the games work very smooth and with good image and sound quality but I have found a problem and it works in console mode and its operation is not as intuitive as that of its competitors. In its official page there is an extensive documentation about the operation and in the content of the file dgen.1.txt there is also help text. In this article I cannot explain all the options of this emulator, but I will explain how to save and load games in case you are forced to use this emulator. To save a game, the first thing to do is select the slot with the numbers from 0 to 9. Once the slot is selected, to save the game press the F2 button and to load the selected slot game press the F3 button.

Latest Version : Dgen 1.32
Date of latest version : February 9, 2013
Official page :

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