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Best MegaDrive games

The best SEGA games MegraDrive is a matter of taste, what for me will be the best game for another may be the second best game, so we are going to rely on statistics and different websites that we have found online to offer a list with the best MegaDrive games as objective as possible.

It must also be said that any game on the list, in first or fifth position is a good choice to play it and have a fun time. Today we are used to spend € 200 on a graphics card to have stunning real-time graphics but the gameplay and fun offered by some of these games is sometimes very limited, while these classic games are really fun to play.

List with the best MegaDrive games

Streets Of Rage 2

It occupies the first place and it is without a doubt an excellent game, I have spent hours and hours playing this game. It is a Beat ’em up game .
The game has amazing gameplay and an excellent soundtrack that will accompany your street fights. Streets of Rage 2 offers us the possibility to choose between 4 characters: Max, Skate, Axel and Blaze. Max is the slowest but the strongest, Skate is the fastest but the weakest, then there are the middle terms with Axel and Blaze. They offer several combinations when making attacks and each character has their own. Undoubtedly a great game of street fights to try.

Gunstar heroes

A great game of platforms and shots, a masterpiece of the time that came out only for MegaDrive. It offers us different types of characters to choose from as well as we can choose the type of shooting. You can also combine two types of shots combining both features. We are offered 4 action-packed scenarios and a fifth scenario in which we will have to fight the final boss. Another recommended game that you should not miss.

Sonic 2

Game that came to light at the end of 1992 and starring the hedgehog Sonic and appears for the first time as a playable character the fox friend named Tails. It is a vertiginous platform game in which you will have to pick up hoops and you will also find different help objects along your way.
Castlevania Bloodlines (New Generation)
Game developed by Konami in 1994 for SEGA Megadrive. It is a platform game in which we can choose between two vampire hunters, each with their own weapons.

Sonic The Hedgehog

Sonic is the flagship game of the SEGA brand and an essential game for our MegaDrive. This is the first installment of the famous platform game that will undoubtedly give us hours of fun through its different scenarios full of speed and vertigo jumps.

Probotector (Against Hard Corps)

Futuristic atmosphere game in which we will put ourselves in the character of a robot to destroy what we find in our path and defeat the enemies.

The list of games would still continue as there are many games for this game console, I leave a list with some more recommendations in case you did not like the previous ones:

  • Rocket Knight Adventures (Sparkster)
  • The Story Of Thor (Beyond Oasis)
  • Thunderforce Iv (Lightening Force)
  • Soleil (Crusader Of Centy)
  • Dynamite heady
  • Alien soldier
  • Comix Zone
  • Ghouls’n Ghosts
  • Aladdin
  • Street Fighter Ii Champion Edition

Finally I leave a list with my 5 favorite MegaDrive games :

  • Streets Of Rage 2
  • Rocket Knight Adventures
  • Wonderboy In Monster World
  • Sonic
  • Two Crude Dudes

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