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Best contact form for WordPress

For some time now I wanted to talk about the different contact forms available for WordPress as a plugin. Among all we have selected one, which we have found the best contact form for WordPress .

Here we show a somewhat personal analysis, because maybe your needs are different from ours and it turns out that the best contact plugin for you is another, since it best suits your needs. In this article we will talk about plugins to create a contact form quickly and without consuming many resources , we will name the plugins to build forms of all kinds but we will analyze them in future articles, not in this one.

Contact Form 7

It is a simple plugin, focused on creating simple forms with few clicks. It is very intuitive and allows us to have a contact form for our blog in a few minutes. Other highlights of Contact Form 7 are:

  • Support for validation with Captcha through the Really Simple CAPTCHA plugin.
  • Support for the Flamingo plugin: which allows us to save the messages received in the database.
  • Multilanguage: the plugin is translated into more than 60 languages.
  • It is simple, powerful and robust.

The part I did not like about this plugin is that it does not support external captcha services (such as reCAPTCHA) and that forces us to use its captcha plugin (Really Simple CAPTCHA), it is what can be called «a big crap by the developer » .

Gravity forms

It is the all-in-one of the forms for WordPress , but it is not free, the cheapest license is around $ 39 a year and with certain limitations with respect to other more expensive types of license offered by the developer.

Its most outstanding features are:

  • Visual form editor, dragging the components and with few clicks allows us to create the form. The functionality is summarized with “create all kinds of forms with few clicks” .
  • Simplicity of use. With this plugin we can create complex forms in a very simple and intuitive way.
  • Support for validation with captcha. Allows the use of the reCAPTCHA service.
  • Add-ons (addons): The plugin has a large number of add-ons that increase the functionality of the plugin incredibly. For example there are supplements for payments with Paypal, surveys, user registration, etc …

The bad part of Gravity Forms or that is a disadvantage compared to other plugins is that it is paid.

Fast Secure Contact Form

It is a plugin that in my opinion is the main competitor of Contact Form 7 and a competent alternative. The functionality of Fast Secure Contact Form is very similar to that of Contact Form 7 but with the following differences:

  • Supports Akismet to block spam. If you don’t like having captcha in the form, you can do a spam filtering with the great Akismet plugin. A great success for the developer in my opinion.
  • We are also offered as an independent php script, instead of WordPress plugin, in case we need to integrate it into a project that does not use WordPress.
  • Support for Securimage captcha system , which is open source and also allows you to listen to the captcha validation code.

The bad part of this plugin is that it has a less intuitive user interface than any of the previous ones, but once it is understood the operating mechanism is simple. It offers so many options on the screen that at first glance it may seem confusing, but in the long run it gives us customization possibilities without editing files manually.

Best contact form for WordPress

As in this article we focus solely on contact forms, not on all types of forms, we only analyze these three alternatives, since from our point of view they are the best options. We leave plugins like Visual Form Builder , Form Maker or Easy Contact Forms in the inkwell since they are focused on forms of all kinds.

We have chosen Contact Form 7 as the contact form, but we do not like its anti-spam protection, everything must be said, but it seems the best solution to have a simple and functional contact form on our blog.

For professional users, who need to create a multitude of forms with different functionalities and who have no problem paying for an annual Gravity Forms license is undoubtedly the best option.

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