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Best antivirus for Android

I think it is necessary to talk about the possibilities of antivirus available for Android . Currently, the Android operating system is constantly expanding and is increasingly present on devices. This increase in the presence of the operating system puts it in the spotlight of hackers and developers of viruses, Trojans, malware, worms, etc … so having an antivirus that provides us with security and protection against attacks and malicious files while browsing It is essential today.

The importance of having an antivirus is that our smartphone stores personal data such as phone numbers, passwords, private messages, photographs, etc. Keep in mind that in principle the best antivirus is oneself, taking the necessary precautions and not downloading files or applications of unknown origin.

On the other hand, we must be careful with the “antivirus” applications offered on Google Play, since some are bad or very bad and do not offer real and effective protection. For this reason I have decided to show the best antivirus for Android and so you can choose one that you like but at the same time works correctly.

Avast! Mobile security

Personally I keep the Avast! Mobile Security , since it is free and I also use its version on PC and it has always given me good results, not to mention that it is the antivirus with the best community rating and in the analysis of experts it has obtained the highest efficiency by detecting viruses and malware .

Other Android antivirus that have obtained good ratings are:

  • Dr. Web Anti-Virus : very effective antivirus, it has a free Lite version.
  • Ikarus mobile security : another very effective alternative that has a free and paid version. It has a very clean and friendly interface and in the virus recognition efficiency tests it has obtained good results but below the two previous antivirus.
  • Kaspersky Mobile security : great antivirus in the hands of one of the most famous antivirus developers for PC, the well-known Karspersky, which is a guarantee of effectiveness. It is a great antivirus and has a free lite version.

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