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Best alternatives to Google Reader

We show the 5 best alternatives to Google Reader , because as you will know on July 1 this service will close. Google has put at our disposal Google Takeout that allows us to export and download a backup copy of our data in Reader and then restore it in the lagoon of the alternatives that we will show below.


It seems the strongest alternative, it offers us functionality in browsers (FireFox, Chrome and Safari) and mobile devices (iPad, iPhone, Kindle and Android). Since the closure of Reader has been announced, Feedly managers have started a campaign to motivate all users to migrate to their service, they even offer the possibility of imposing all your Reader data in a simple way such as using your user and Reader password in Feddly and the program will automatically synchronize all your data.
I think it is the strongest and most recommended alternative at the moment, hopefully in the following months the application will evolve due to its new demand.


A very solid reader that has surprised me. It offers us a fairly complete and visually attractive interface. Another feature is that it is totally free. It has applications for iPad, iPhone and Android and at the same time a web application in case we do not want to install any application. This is my most recommended alternative after Feddly.

The Old Reader

You are an online RSS reader, that is, it is done via the web, so you don’t have to install any application on our device. It is a very solid option and I am sure that the service will improve in the coming months.


It is an RSS reader focused on its use as a social magazine, but it has a very simple functionality although it does not have the full potential of Reader, but it is still a great option. It has applications for iPhone, iPad and Android but not for PC, which for some users can be a problem. In my opinion it is one of the most recommended RSS readers for use on tablets and mobile devices.


It is another good alternative but for users who are not willing to pay a license you can find the service a bit limited, in this case you only have iPad, iPhone and Android devices. The service offers us a free account that allows us to add up to 12 sites, which in my opinion falls quite short and also has more restrictions.

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