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BbPress transform your blog into a forum

For some time I wanted to write about bbPress , an application that allows us to create a forum system based on WordPress.

bbPress works as a plugin and allows you to create the number of forums you need and manage them.

The installation of bbPress is very simple, since the administrator panel is installed like any other plugin.
In the administrator panel in the menu on the left, after the installation of bbPress, three new menus “ Forums ”, “ Topics ” and “ Replies ” appear.

The result is a lightweight forum that does its homework but does not have great options either.

Personal opinion on bbPress.

I think it is a good plugin to create a forum system but it collides with many WordPress plugins so compatibility is reduced in some cases.

On the other hand, the functionality of this plugin has nothing to do with the functionality offered by an independent forum system such as XenForo, SMF, phpBB, MyBB, etc.

A positive aspect that I liked is that you don’t need an extra design for the forum, since it uses the design options of the blog template itself. Even so there are details that if you want to adapt need extra CSS code.

But the most interesting feature is that it is fully manageable for developers and has a codex page like WordPress itself with all the documentation on the different functions and their correct handling.

In short, we are facing a simple but very powerful forum system for developers, in my opinion it is a forum system designed to create small areas of support or discussion on specific topics but it does not seem the best solution to create large communities, since for The latter I prefer an independent forum system (XenForo, phpBB, MyBB, etc.) that offers me more flexibility and functionality by default without having to program.

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