Applications to create Facebook covers

There are several applications to create Facebook covers in a simple and fast way. They are applications for those who do not want to complicate with a design program like Photoshop to create an original Facebook cover.

These applications have templates and filters that allow us to create our cover image from one or several photos.

Applications to create Facebook covers easily.

Cover Photo Magic : is a Facebook application to create our personalized covers. The steps to create the cover are very simple, select the template and then add the photos (you can only add photos you have in your Facebook galleries).
You can access the application from the following link:

myFBCovers : is another application similar to the previous one. It is a Facebook application that once we give you permissions allows us to add photos (this application adds photos that we have stored on our PC) and also text. You have several effects for images (black and white, sepia, inverted colors). It is a simple application to create a cover quickly.
You can access the application from the following link:

InstaCover : this application combines the possibility of using Instagram photos to create the cover of Facebook. This application also allows the creation of simple covers for Facebook from the photos we have in our galleries.
You can access the application from the following link:

Personally, these applications seem quite simple, but for people who have no design experience, they can easily create their covers. If I had to choose one I would stay with Cover Photo Magic because some of its templates are good enough to create collage-like covers with photos with friends, special places or special moments and also has many options when it comes to the cover template.


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