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Android touchscreen is not working anymore – definitive solution

This is the fix to touch screen is no longer working on Android smartphone and tablet. The problem is:

  • The touchscreen is broken on an Android phone and is no longer responsive to touch ;
  • Touchscreen spins , for example, if you touch “j”, but gets “b”;
  • Touchscreen reacts badly or delayed .

Whether the touch screen does not work on Samsung Galaxy, Sony Xperia, Huawei, Xiaomi, LG, Pixel, Moto etc. with the following repairs solve the display does not respond problem quickly and efficiently.

  • Why does my mobile phone touchscreen stop working?
  • Touchscreen is not responding: 5 tricks to fix
  • Phone screen physically broken: how to fix
  • Save data despite cellphone display broken (Video Guide)

Why does my mobile phone touchscreen stop working?

Mobile touchscreen is not working anymore, there are many reasons that can lead to it. And here are the general, if your Samsung, Sony, Huawei, etc. no longer respond to touch.

  • Physical damage . The touchscreen is broken or defective. High temperature, cold, wet, magnet, static electricity, all these damage the touch screen on Android phone;
  • Bad or poorly executed apps will crash your phone, making the touch screen unresponsive;
  • Android OS crash after a firmware update, ROM flashing, etc.
  • Wrong settings . In this case, a factory reset should help to reset the settings and solve the problem.

If the touch screen still does not work for no reason, it could be that there is a software problem. In the case, go to part 2 for solutions.

When it comes to physical failure, Part 3 is about how to fix a touchscreen that is unresponsive to physical damage.

Samsung touch screen is not working anymore

Touchscreen is not responding: 5 tricks to fix

If your Android phone touchscreen has not suffered any physical damage, but it suddenly stops responding to your touch, then it could be caused by software issues.

Trick 1. Restart the Android device

Before you start troubleshooting, restart your Android smartphone or tablet. Sometimes you can use it to fix the unresponsive touch screen. To restart an Android phone with a broken display correctly:

  1. Press and hold the power button until the screen turns black;
  2. After about 1 minute, hold the power button again to activate the device.

Normally the touch screen will react normally after the restart.

Trick 2. Remove the two SD & SIM card

Sometimes the defective card can be to blame. Therefore:

  1. Turn off the device (hold down the power button if the screen does not respond);
  2. Remove the back cover of Android mobile phone and take off the storage and SIM card;Tip . With new devices one takes the cards often with a PIN.
  3. Restart the device and see if the problem has already disappeared.

Trick 3. Delete damaged apps in Safe Mode

The touchscreen defect problem on Android smartphone or tablet is sometimes due to damaged and problematic third-party apps. In safe mode, you can disable these apps. That is, if the display still reacts under safe mode, then you should uninstall a few apps, and especially those that are installed just before the touch screen problem starts.

  1. Turn off your Android device;
  2. Hold down the power button to restart the device;
  3. Release the power button and hold down the “volume down” button until you see the brand logos of Samsung, Sony, LG or others;
  4. Release the “volume down” button when you see the “Safe Mode” characters at the bottom left.
Samsung Safe Mode

When it comes to a loose connection or the touchscreen just spins, you can do so to put it in safe mode:

  1. Hold down the power button until the power options menu appears;
  2. Long press on power off;

When you see the message to restart your device in safe mode, tap “Yes.”

Enable Samsung Secure Mode

Trick 4. Reset the phone to factory settings in recovery mode

If the touchscreen does not respond at all, perhaps the factory reset will help. When it comes to it, all data on the Android device, including downloaded apps, photos, SMS, contacts, etc., is deleted. That’s why we use it better than the last resort and should make a backup for the Android phone in advance.

Recovery Mode

The steps to put the phone in recovery mode differed according to device models. Here’s a general way about how to restart an Android phone in recovery mode that suits: Samsung Galaxy, Sony Xperia, Pixel, LG G, Moto Droid, etc.

Note : when the phone display does not respond after the factory reset, try to continue with the following methods to resolve this problem.

Trick 5. Android Touchscreen Calibrate with Apps

There are some Google Play Store apps that allow you to calibrate the touch screen of your smartphone or tablet. This relatively improves the accuracy and responsiveness of the display. These apps are especially helpful if the touch screen is slow or wrong. If you type “Touchscreen Calibration” in the search list on Play Store, you will see a lot of information about it. Read their reviews carefully before downloading.

Phone screen physically broken: how to fix

If your smartphone or tablet has dropped, smashed, fallen into the water, the touchscreen could be broken and stop working. Before you replace a new one, you can try the free tricks first.

1. Test the touch screen on Android device

A diagnostic test will not solve the problem, but this will let you know which areas of the screen are not responding. To run the diagnostic tool, you must enter a specific code in the number pad. This code differs by manufacturer, model and Android OS versions. But here are some that are commonly used:

  • # 7353 #: for most Android phones, especially Samsung ;
  • * # * # 3424 # * # *: for most HTC device.
  • * # * # 7378423 # * # *: for most Sony Xperia smartphones.
  • * # 0 * #: for Motorola device.

For example, here are the steps as I test the touch screen on my Samsung Galaxy S7 on Android 9.0.

  1. Open number pad;
  2. Enter * # 7353 # to open the menu of the diagnostic tool;
  3. Select TSP Dot Mode or TSP Grid Mode used to test the touch screen.

TSP Dot Mode shows small dots when you tap the screen, while with TSP Grid Mode you can test every point of the screen with the grid.

Calibrate Android Touchscreen

2. Tap the touch screen

If the phone has dropped or hit, the digitizer cable may be loose, causing the touch screen to not respond. If so, you can tap anywhere on the touch screen. Many users reported that this method works well for them.

3. Repair the water damaged touch screen

Often, the touch screen does not work after the phone has fallen into the liquid. There is still a glimmer of hope, see: how to repair a damaged phone cell phone .

Save data despite cellphone display broken (Video Guide)

Now, whether your phone touchscreen really does not respond, if it has enough battery and the buttons are still working, you can try this method to save cell phone data despite the broken display .

What to do before the data recovery?

  • Install FonePaw Android Data Extraction on the PC. This program can restore data (photos, contacts, SMS, etc.) from Android phone with a broken or black screen.
  • download
  • Take a USB cable to connect your smartphone and the PC.

Now let’s see how I repair my broken mobile touchscreen with a USB cable.

Step by step saving data despite touchscreen not responding

Step 1 . Launch the program and tap on ” Android Data Extraction “. Tap on “Start”, select the device model of your mobile phone, eg: S6, SM-G920F.

Step 2 . Follow the instructions and put the phone in download mode. After that, the program will download a recovery package and repair the device.

Step 3 . When the repair is performed, the data is scanned to your smartphone. Waiting for a few minutes, all existing data can be saved with the ” Restore ” button.

Data saved despite display broken

In fact, we have encountered many touch screen problems in everyday life. On mobile phones with different brands, eg:

  • Samsung display does not work anymore;
  • Sony’s touchscreen is spinning;
  • LG screen does not respond

If you do not solve the problem with the above steps, you can always allow a visit to a local repair store.

If you find this tip helpful, share it with friends or others who are experiencing the same problem.

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