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Android: Password / Lock Pattern / Forgot PIN – 4 solutions to unlock the phone display

To protect our personal information, we will set up the password or the blocking pattern on our Android smartphone. But sometimes we will suddenly forget the PIN code / blocking pattern. In this case, we can no longer use the device normally.

Therefore, here are three handy and efficient tips for you to unlock the smartphone, even though you forgot your Android password / lock pattern directly.

  • Solution 1: Unlock Android display via Google Account
  • Solution 2: Unlock Android Display with ADB
  • Solution 3: Remove Android screen lock by ADM
  • Solution 4: Unlock the Android display by default

Solution 1: Unlock Android device without PIN code / blocking pattern via Google Account

If you previously signed in to your Google Account on your Android phone, you can unlock your device without entering PIN code / blocking pattern.

Note : This solution requires you to enter the Google Account code. In addition, your device must already connect to the Internet.

  1. Enter the wrong password or incorrect blocking pattern five times on your Android phone.
  2. After that, you can see a message on the screen: “In 30 seconds, try again.” In this case, you can find two options: Emergency and Unblock via Google
  3. Just tap the “Unblock via Google” option. Then enter the password for your Google Account to unlock your Android smartphone.
Unlock Android phone via Google Account

If you do not have a Google Account or forgot your Gmail account password, please check Solution 2.

Solution 2: Unlock Android Smartphone without password / lock pattern with ADB

ADB (Android Debugging Bridge) is a feature specifically for Android system that can directly remove PIN code or lock pattern from your phone. In addition, you do not have to delete files on your device when you unlock your smartphone via ADB.

Step 1 : Download ADB and encrypt it on your computer’s local hard drive C.

Step 2 : Then connect your phone to the PC.

Step 3 : Only choose the connection mode ” Charge only “.

Step 4 : Then open the Run window on your PC and type ” cmd ” in the window. In the Command Pane, add the code as shown below:

cd c: \ adb

adb shell

cd data / system


Step 5 : First you will find the folder “password.key”. Now you have to delete the folder and then add a new folder “rm password.key”.

Key in code

Step 6: Enter ” reboot ” or manually restart your Android phone.

In fact, ADB Tool can also fix these issues:

• Android phones can not be restarted.

• The screen turns black (DPMS mode) if software is accidentally deleted.

• The phone must be closed after switching on.

Solution 3: Remove Android password / blocking pattern for encryption via ADM

With the Android Device Manager (ADM), you can also easily and quickly unlock the Android smartphone if you forget the Android password / lock pattern.

Note : All files will be emptied by this solution. Therefore, you should first secure your phone with the broken state to secure your important phone files on the PC.

Step 1 : First, go to the Android Device Manager page.

Step 2 : Then enter your Google ID and password.

Step 3 : All Android devices that have previously connected to the Google Account will be displayed in the window of the Android Device Manager. Only select the desired device.

Step 4 : Then three options appear in this window: Ring, Lock and Delete. First, click on “Delete”.

Unlock Android Smartphone via Android Device Manager

Step 5 : Erase deletes all files such as apps, pictures, music, contacts, videos, and so on.

Note : If you have some photos or apps saved on the SD card, you should now remove the SD card from your smartphone.

Solution 4: Unlock Android smartphone without lock code / lock pattern by factory default

If you have not yet signed in to your Google Account or find Android Device Manager a bit complicated, then the factory reset will work well if you forget the lock code / lock pattern on the phone.

  1. Please make a complete backup of the mobile files , such as pictures, videos, contacts and so on. Resetting to factory settings on smartphone will erase all files of the phone directly. With a backup you can easily restore your phone.
  2. After the backup turn off your smartphone.
  3. Then press the Power + Volume up + Home key simultaneously to start recovery mode.
  4. Select the option “Delete files / Reset to factory settings” and then click the Home button> “Yes”> Home button> “Restart system”> Home button.

With these three methods you can easily and quickly unlock your Android smartphone, even though you have already forgotten the encryption password or the blocking pattern.

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