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Analysis of C-12 Final Resistance and tricks

A few days ago I decided to try this C-12, a Sony game that appeared in 2001 that I missed at the time, which puts us in the shoes of Major Vaughan, who has been implanted with an alien eye as the last hope of planet Earth, submitted by an extraterrestrial army with superior technology. As you can see, the story is quite prototypical and without great display of originality, but it entertains and justifies continuing to play to move forward.

C-12: Final Resistance, an alien implant out of the gender shaker.

The implant gives Vaughan skills that translate into mechanics that are quite interesting for us as players , to begin with, we can detect enemies and automatically point them at the same time that he informs us of his health bar.

If we use the first-person view we can obtain information about the surrounding environment, especially useful for detecting objects with which we can interact or discover mines in the field. But the skills of our protagonist are not limited to those of his implant, as a good soldier will be handled with ease with a wide arsenal of weapons, he can scale or use stealth to advance without being discovered. As well as take advantage of enemy technology using their own cannons or energy shields to protect us.

A very complete video game that made our PSX happy at times.

As you can see, C-12 is a rather curious and interesting genre potpourri reminiscent of titles such as Syphon Filter or Metal Gear Solid , but without reaching the playable depth of any of them. It is a cocktail that works, hooks and has fun; but it stays halfway from the standout in all the sticks it touches.

On the one hand, the camera system is a disaster , especially for a 2001 game, which leaves us continuously sold against our enemies; but especially because the automatic pointing system is not completely polished.

The game is reputed to have a high difficulty, but it is not quite true , in general it is a normal game in this aspect; but it is because of these negative sections that a seemingly simple combat situation ends in the death of our character.

In addition to action and stealth , C-12 will put challenges like puzzles with a degree of complexity, to my liking, high enough to produce satisfaction in solving it; but without ever becoming frustrating or irresolvable. Nor will there be a lack of labyrinthine scenarios, such as the underground subway tracks, which add a very interesting touch of exploration.

Post-apocalyptic scenarios that show the most chilling desolation.

I also want to talk about the setting and the scenarios that I have found very good, for the plot that you want to narrate. We will walk among rubble of totally desolate cities, product of the invasion, where the sound plays an important role when what I call the noise of silence predominates , that sound that is heard when everything is in apparent calm.

Other very interesting scenarios that we will also visit will be a shopping center, a resistance base or several alien structures, all with their own atmosphere although with a cold and dull aesthetic always present. In this aspect, along with the plot and the character’s abilities, it reminds me a lot of how I would have imagined a video game spin-off of the Terminator franchise for this console.

In short, this is C-12: Final Resistance.

C-12 was the final parting bid that Sony gave users of the first Play Station when PS2 was already the present and future. It was not a round or outstanding product, but it did live up to many aspects and is very enjoyable if it is played by taking it as a blockbuster rather than as a masterpiece.

How to download the ISO of C-12 Final Resistance of PSX in Spanish.

When downloading the ISO of C-12 Final Resistance, we can find different versions as usual. My recommendation is to download the PAL version that includes the Spanish and Italian language , which corresponds to the serial number SCES-03366 . This version of the game in addition to the texts also offers us the voices in Spanish , which is always appreciated.

I have been able to test the game on the emulator ePSXe and RetroArch , so I can confirm that it is fully playable, without failures and runs smoothly.

Cheats for C-12 PSX Final Resistance.

To facilitate the journey through the different phases of the game we can resort to the following tricks. To run them you have to pause the game with the start button and enter the following combinations while holding down L2 :

  • Get all weapons : Up, Left, Right, Down, Triangle, Square, Circle and X.
  • Secondary weapons attacks : Up, Down, Left, Right, Triangle, X, Square and Circle.
  • Get shield : Up, Left, Right, Triangle, Square, Circle.
  • Get infinite ammo : Down, Left, Right, X, Square and Circle.
  • Activate the invincible mode : Up, Left, Down, Right, Triangle, Square, X and Circle.
  • Invisible mode (enemies do not detect you) : X, X, Square, Square, Triangle, Triangle, Circle, Circle, X and X.

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