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Aldiko Android ebook reader (ereader)

Aldiko is considered by many to be the best reader of ebooks and digital books for Android . Aldiko is a very complete ereader (digital book reader) that allows us to have our favorite books ready for reading wherever we go (train, subway, hotel, etc.).

This ebook reader even comes preinstalled on some mobile devices, but I saw the problem coming in old versions so it will have to be updated to the latest version.

Aldiko features that make it a good e-book reader.

It supports the two main formats of digital books that are the pdf and epub extensions. It is true that there is some extension but Aldiko only supports those two and I think it is enough to read the vast majority of available books.

It allows a complete adjustment of the font size, colors, font type, margins, alignment, spacing and brightness.

One feature that has caught my attention is that it brings a mode for night reading that configures the black background and the white source for maximum contrast without glare in low-light spaces.

Organize our collection of books as if it were a library, being able to organize them by name, author or we can even value each book. It puts at our disposal several views one known as “bookcase view” that shows us the covers of the books as if they were on a real bookshelf and the “list view” that allows us to quickly access any book and be able to locate the books of a certain author, sort them by rating or sort them alphabetically.

Another fundamental utility in any reader of digital books is the mark pages to be able to remember where we leave the reading and to be able to continue another day. In this aspect, Aldiko offers the possibility of adding a bookmark on any page, you can even add several bookmarks in the same book, so the bookmark system is quite good .

It offers extra features such as being able to add notes to specific words or even search the dictionary for the meaning of a specific word .

Aldiko is available in several languages (including Spanish) and is completely free .

In my opinion, Aldiko is a digital book reader that perfectly combines simplicity with great functionality, which is why I think it is the recommended ebook reader for the vast majority of Android users .

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