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AdwCleaner, one of the best free adware cleaners

If you are looking for a free adware and unwanted file cleaner, AdwCleaner is one of your best options. AdwCleaner is a simple, free program that does not require installation.

We just have to execute it, press the “Scan” button and it will automatically start looking for possible threats from our system. It is an application for Windows and that at the time of its execution will request user control permissions.

AdwCleaner, one of the best adware and unwanted file cleaners for Windows.

Let’s start by commenting on a little history of AdwCleaner, which was initially commissioned by a programmer whose name is Xplode. The program gained a great reputation thanks to its impeccable work. Finally, the program was acquired by Malwarebytes until today.

We can download AdwCleaner from its ToolsLib page for free.

AdwCleaner looks for different types of threats:

  • Adware , spyware and bloatware.
  • Toolbars that show advertising and hinder navigation.
  • Browser extensions (FireFox, Chrome, Opera, etc) .
  • Potentially unwanted programs , which are identified by its acronym PUP (potentially unwated programs) .
  • Malicious registry keys.
  • Kidnapping of the browser home page (hijacking) .

It is a program that follows an active development and its database of unwanted files and threats is updated almost daily. In addition to finding threats, it also cleans them and has a quarantine system to which it sends suspicious files when we clean them directly with the program.

To make things easier, it is a multilanguage program available in more than 25 languages ??among which we have Spanish . All these features have made AdwCleaner exceed the creepy 150 million downloads and become one of the most used programs to clean the adware PC.

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