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Adobe Photoshop for Android

There is a version of Adobe Photoshop for Android . This is the quintessential design application now available for our Android device.

With Photoshop for Android we will have a very complete photo edition but with only one drawback, which is paid, although it must be said that its price is quite low and affordable for most users.

Features of Adobe Photoshop for Android.

  • It allows us to apply our favorite filters to images taken directly through the camera.
  • It has two versions one optimized for tablets ( Adobe Photoshop Touch ) and another pada smartphones ( Photoshop Touch for phone ), the price varies a bit being the cost of the version for tablets of € 7.99 and that of the version for smartphones of € 4.49.
  • The application allows us to combine photographs and then share them on Facebook or Twitter.
  • It offers us the basic functionality of Adobe Photoshop, such as the use of layers, brushes and effects.
    As for resolution, it allows us to work with images up to 12 megapixels.
  • If we have an internet connection, it facilitates us to synchronize our projects using Creative Cloud for free and that provides us with up to 2GB of cloud storage.
  • It also has the classic gallery of filters and styles to preview the results quickly and easily.
  • Like the PC version it allows us to make selections of images to extract them or use the scribble function.
  • It has integrated search in Google Images to perform searches quickly.

In summary you could say that Photoshop for Android is a very complete and quite powerful image editing application that stays true to many of the features offered by the PC version. Of course it is much simpler than the version of Photoshop for PC, but for quick and quality touch-ups it is the best image editor that exists for Android .

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