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Add WordPress blog to Google Currents

A few days ago I was talking about Google Currents as a replacement for Google Reader and I came up with the idea of adding our own blog to the Google Currents feed database .

The process is quite simple, but it is entirely in English so you have to have a basic knowledge of English or have a translator nearby if you don’t have them.

We will need our Google Analitycs property ID, so you will need a Google Analitycs account to verify the edition.

I will not describe all the steps in detail, but I will give a few strokes on all the phases of creation of the edition to make it easier for you.

How to add my WordPress blog to Google Currents?

First of all we access our Google account with our username and password, then we access the following link

We Empezar and it already asks us to enter a name for the edition, it is advisable to use the name of the blog so that users can find it. It also asks us for the RSS links of our blog and the link of the videos page on YouTube if we have it. Press the Create button and we have our edition created.

Now you have to navigate through all the options and adjust the settings.

Edition settings

It is important to add a description, our Google Analitycs property ID and select a category. The description should give an idea of ??the blog content as well as the selected category .


Here we can add new sections. Section names must be descriptive to be easily located.


It is important to verify our ownership of the site and select a language . You have to choose the language in which the articles of our blog are.


Finally in this section we can see how the articles of our section would look on different mobile devices. On the right you can also see a simulation on phones and tablets.

Configuring all this you should already find your section in the Google Currents feed search engine.

If you want you can already subscribe to our feed and have the latest news on your smartphone or mobile device because VozIdea is already in Google Currents

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