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5 Reasons why choose WordPress as CMS for your web project

It’s time to show you some reasons to choose WordPress as CMS for your web project. As a general idea, I can say that despite the existence of several CMS alternatives, from my point of view WordPress is more advanced than its competitors without losing sight of simplicity and performance.


WordPress is a CMS written in PHP with which to create our own website, from a blog to an online store. Nowadays WordPress has become very famous and I would dare to say that it is the most used platform to develop websites since it offers you a very high productivity, in other words, “with basic knowledge anyone can start a web project with WordPress” .

5 reasons to use WordPress:


We are facing an open source script, GPL license and free use without cost. It is one of the strengths, since we do not have to pay any type of license to use WordPress to develop our website and we can distribute it freely. Nowadays with the times that are running, immersed in this great crisis, it is very important not to have to scratch your pocket to get something of excellent quality.

Support and great community (even in Spanish).

The WordPress community is immense, many people who use this CMS, contribute to answer questions to other users or develop add-ons. Another important point is that this community is represented in a high percentage by Spanish-speaking people, which for users who lack English skills will find it easier to find answers to their questions.

Multitude of plugins and themes.

It is another strong point of this CMS, because thanks to its active developer community, there is an incredible amount of plugins and templates totally free .
With the plugins we can give extra functionality to our website without having to program, which is very comfortable and increases productivity. The same goes for themes , being able to use a different design at no cost is a great advantage.
I must also clarify that as always, there are also plugins and payment themes, which offer (or at least so try to sell) exclusive features or designs. I am not in favor or against the use of payment plugins, rather the logical decision is reduced to: “If I find a free plugin / template that fits my needs I will have to look for a paid one or program one myself” .

Perfect combination of simplicity and extensive options.

A simple and intuitive environment is combined with many advanced options in which the only limit to our creativity will be our own imagination. It is a CMS that fits both the novice or amateur developer and advanced users.
The documentation page for developers, in addition to having the information in several languages ??(including Spanish) is very well documented and exemplified (the code examples are the best, very clear). In it I have always found an answer to more than 95% of the doubts that were presented to me when developing a wordpress project. The page with the documentation is , this is the documentation in English (it is the most complete and updated) but you can also check the documentation in Spanish at http: //codex.wordpress. org / en: Main_Page

Security and SEO friendly

Something that many people do not give importance to is security, to be protected against hacker attacks. I see this as a very important point, because you can ruin a web page after an attack and even lose hours of work, for this, WordPress is a secure platform with many years between us and has been audited and I trust that It offers a very solid security. In addition, its continuous development and constant updating offer us improvements in security and correction of possible failures quickly.
Google seems to like WordPress blogs, in my experience I have always indexed my websites correctly and in a very short period of time. If you also use an SEO plugin for your wordpress (extremely recommended), the empowerment will be maximum.

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