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5 apps for WhatsApp

In this article we will show 5 add-ons for WhatsApp . With them we can increase the functionality or add features that the application does not bring by default on Android devices. The chosen applications are all free for the user’s convenience.

5 Add-ons for WhatsApp.

WhatsApp to Text:

It is a tool that allows us to export our WhatsApp conversations to a file. You support the following formats when exporting: csv, html, txt and xlsx (Excel). The application is free and can be installed from Google Play (outdated application)


It is an application still in beta but fully functional. It allows us to clean the files that are stored during the daily use of WhatsApp. It allows us to delete images, files, videos and audio. In the latest versions they also give you the option to choose which files to delete or if you prefer to move them to an SD card or external storage device. It’s available for free at

Invisible Whatsapp Free:

This application allows us to prevent others from seeing our activity online, that is, they will not know when it is the last time we connect. The application is free but has the “inconvenience” that it will not allow us to see the last minute online of the rest of our contacts. It can be installed from Google Play (outdated application)

Lock For WhatsApp Free:

This application allows you to protect access to WhatsApp with a keyboard pattern. If you are concerned that others can read your messages or can use your WhatsApp in case of theft or loss of the phone, this is the recommended application. It is totally free and can be downloaded directly from Google Play (outdated application)

WhatsApp Wallpaper:

Application that allows us to establish a background image for WhatsApp chat in case we do not like the one it brings by default. The application is very simple to use and is free, we can also download it directly from Google Play

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