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4 easy ways to remove android virus

Android apps get infected by the virus in the Google Play Store. If you have this Android malware installed, these apps will steal personal information and use it as a marketing channel. In this case, we need to remove the cell phone virus to protect the privacy of our privacy.

Remove Android virus

Part 1: Why is my Android phone getting infected by the virus?

What? ? Android virus? I only heard computer virus.

In fact, the Android virus will hide in the malware.

After you install this malware on the Google Play Store phone, the Android virus will infect your phone. In addition, the cracked free Android apps are also malware. So you should be careful before you download an Android app.

Once your phone is infected by the Android virus, it will steal your privacy, send GPS tracking, or completely control your phone.

Please continue reading this post to remove the Android virus step-by-step.

Part 2: 4 useful methods to completely remove virus on mobile phone

Solution 1: Uninstall suspicious Android apps

First, we should immediately uninstall the suspicious apps from the third party. With this solution, you can quickly remove the secret Android virus before it really infects your phone.

  • Just go to Settings> Apps & Notifications> App Info. First, find the suspicious apps and uninstall the.

If you can not find the malicious apps that may contain the virus, we suggest uninstalling any recent apps you have installed.

Uninstall Android apps

Note: What to do if the uninstall feature can not work?

Usually, this situation happens when your smartphone is infected by the malware Android Screen Locker.

  • Only go to Settings> Device Security> Other Security Settings> Device Administrator Apps.
Set device administrator apps
  • Select the app that you can not uninstall and click “Disable”.
  • Then reboot your phone and immediately uninstall this suspicious app.

Solution 2: Stop pop-ups of notifications from Chrome Browser

Although Chrome notifications are very handy, hackers will push many annoying ads or links through this feature. If you happen to click on these links or page, the virus will instantly download on your Android phone. Therefore, we should stop and prevent annoying notifications on your phone.

  • On the Android phone, please open the Chrome browser. First click on the menu button> “Settings”> “Notifications”.
Settings of notifications on Chrome browser
  • After that, tap on “More settings in the app”. In the “Allowed” section, scroll down and find the suspicious page with notifications. Then click “Clear and Reset” to stop accessing the notifications.
Delete and reset notifications Chrome browser

Solution 3: Clean Up Cache Files on Android Smartphone (Optional)

If you’ve removed the Android virus with Solution 1 and 2, is your phone still problematic? In this case we should clean up the cell phone cache files to remove the cell phone virus. Here we recommend a cleaner app: CCleaner.

  • Download and install CCleaner on your device. Just start the CCleaner app and then tap Analyze.
  • In a few seconds, the analysis will be completed. Here, select the “Cache” option and then tap “Clean up” to remove the cache files from your Android phone.

Solution 4: Reset Android device to factory settings

If the previously displayed three methods do not work, you must now reset your phone to factory settings. But the factory reset will dump all the files on your phone. So you should back up your cell phone files to avoid data loss.

  • Open on the Mobile Settings app. Then click on “Backup & reset”> “Reset to factory settings”. Then enter your lock password to confirm the factory reset.
Reset Android phone to factory settings

When the reset process is done, your phone will restart.

Note : After the reset, will you find the important files lost? Please check the instructions here: restore Android files after reset with one click .

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